For those looking to implement our customisable apps, the following should be noted:

  • Our app user interfaces are easy to use and intuitive.
  • We can create apps for different business categories inlcuding SCHOOL APPS, EVENT APPS, ASSOCIATION APPS and CORPORATE APPS.
  • Users do not require any advanced user computer skills to access our apps.
  • Users do not require any advanced user computer skills to update information or content for their respective communities on our apps.
  • When content is required to be uploaded for general user consumption, the person responsilble for uploading content need only do this once for all platforms.
  • Our application affords key personnel the opportunity for push notifications to be distributed to to specific groups.
  • Our app offering does not require any integration to other administration systems, reducing security risks.
  • When creating user profiles on our app, we require minimal information about users, hence reducing any potential PoPIA issues.


With our built in SECURITY LAYERS:

  • Authorised personnel are able to deploy and authorise security access.
  • Access can be granted quickly and easily with built-in email.
  • Users can set up authentication and privacy.


With the platform’s technology:

  • We can quickly provide you with a MOBILE APP to get started.
  • We are able to design and build MOBILE APPS to meet your requirements.
  • Add themes, icons and branding to your customisable app.
  • Enable the ability to provide unlimited content with pre-built pages.
  • We are able to easily build, re-order and manage your application navigation.
  • We are able to deliver compliant applications which you can rely on to protect user privacy and security.
  • We bring intelligent and scalable designs.
  • We provide end to end features, built to power every element of your business app.
  • We build secure and robus application environments.
  • We have a proven track-record associated to the customised applications we deliver.


Some of the technical benefits and advantages of our application development and customisation services include:

  • Our apps can be accessed on Apple (IOS ) devices, Google (Android) devices, or Windows desktops.
  • Whilst we offer a web version of the application for those who wish to access our apps from their computers, we do recommend downloading the app to capitalise on all functionality.
  • Our apps are built on a well-established and tested platforms.
  • All applications are built for maximum Apple and Android device compatibility.
  • We are proud about how efficient our apps are with data usage.
  • My App Zone has partnered with Entegy to utilise their platform which has been running for 9 years, and has had over 30,000 applications built on the platform. Entegy do not build applications but rather provide companies such as ourselves with support.
  • For compliance purposes, all international privacy and security certificates are kept current by Entegy.
  • Since My App Zone has been utilising this platform 7 years ago, we have experienced no down-time, and have enjoyed the stability of the platform.

Official Entegy Partner

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