Looking for an effective way to communicate with your ASSOCIATION MEMBERS, provide up to date information or provide real-time updates? Why not look at our ASSOCIATION APP to see how our app can make running an association easier?

Who is the ASSOCIATION APP intended for?

  • Our customisable app is intended for any size association who is finding the administration of memberships, information sharing and communication overwhelming.

What are some of the benefits of our customisable ASSOCIATION APP?

  • Our app enables associations to have their own customised MOBILE APP, allowing all members to access information quickly and efficiently.
  • Our objective, through this app, is to help make associations easier to manage and more effective reaching the goals for which the association was originally setup.
  • The app promotes engagement, connections and interactions.
  • The app is able to assist with building a community within the association, a place where people can share ideas, hold discussions, share healthy debates and access information relevant to the association.
  • The app empowers sharing general news and communication quickly and easily across all members of the association or to specific groups within the association.
  • Get-togethers can be facilitated and organised through the app.
  • A portal to key information such as industry standards and white papers can be made available to members.
  • New member onboarding information can be placed in a central point to assist new members with understanding the purpose of the association and who to contact.
  • Discussion forums can be facilitated and utilised to promote inter-member communication.
  • Upcoming event information can be shared and updated.
  • Latest industry news or standards can be communicated to all members.
  • Our app affords authorised personnel the opportunity to push notifications to distributed, or to specific user groups.
  • Authorised personnel are able to urgently broadcast messages such as “Meeting for the 15th has been rescheduled to the 30th of July 2024 @ 14h00.”, “Remember to update your membership information.”, “Remember to submit your questions for our meeting on the 30th of July 2024.”, …).
  • Sending out push notifications to app users is speedy and efficient as messages are delivered within seconds.
  • Users can access the application on most mobile devices.
  • Communication with members is made easy through our application and is real-time.
  • The app helps replace endless emails and irritating WhatsApp groups which need to be managed.
  • The app helps reduce printer and paper costs as members can now retrieve newsletters and special notices electronically.
  • The app can assist with CPD points management.
  • The app can assist with member and membership information.

What are some of the functional benefits of the customisable ASSOCIATION APP?

  • The mobile app has the potential to become your single point of information and can re-direct members to other applications from the app.
  • Users are able to access the app through multiple platforms including APPLE, ANDROID and MICROSOFT WINDOWS.
  • The app allows you to display application icons, within the application, according to the user type.
  • Marketing teams are happy with how the app can be customised to incorporate branding unique to each event.
  • Navigation menus within the app can be customised to meet your requirements.
  • From within the app, one can link to anything via a URL (website link), such as GOOGLE FORMS, SHARED CALENDARS, FACEBOOK LINKS, YOUTUBE LINKS. There is no end to what you can achieve.

What skills are required to use or administer content on the ASSOCIATION APP?

  • We believe that any person who is able to utilise a smartphone, will be able to make use of our app.
  • Due to to the easy and intuitive nature of the app, limited knowledge is required to utilise the app.
  • You do not require any advanced user computer skills to update information or content for your community.
  • You can assign users different levels of access, for information management and control purposes.

Why not request a demonstration of our ASSOCIATION APP from our team which is waiting to talk to you?