Did you know that our customisable EVENTS APP is used for events in and out of SOUTH AFRICA? If you are looking to bring a MOBILE APP to your next event and enhance the consumer experience for both EXHIBITORS and ATTENDEES,  you should be talking to our team.

Who is the EVENTS APP intended for?

  • Our customisable app is intended for EXHIBITORS, ATTENDEES (virtual and face-to-face, international and domestic).
  • With this app, our objective is to aid making your next event a memorable and unforgettable event.
  • We are able to assist with event sizes from small to large.

What are some of the benefits of our customisable EVENTS APP?

  • Our app enables events to have their own customised MOBILE APP, allowing all parties to access information quickly and efficiently.
    • Impress with an exceptional first impression.
  • Our app offers a comprehensive event companion with personalisation options.
  • Our app affords you the opportunity to apply event branding at every touch-point, create custom skins for the app splash screens, icon menu
    screen (including buttons), content page headers and more.Manage the look and feel with custom background, icons and content.
  • The offering is designed to address three goals and objectives essential to event success:
    • Streamline Communications
    • Strengthen Engagement
    • Simplify Logistics
  • Our solutions consists of a set of powerful products which work independently or together, delivering remarkable experiences at events of all sizes and budgets.
  • Our team is able to quickly create flexible application to enhance the experience for everyone involved in your event.
  • With our app, you can show case custom graphics.
  • Sponsors are important to event and contribute to the operational cashflow requirements. With our app, you are able bring awareness about your sponsors and share sponsor information.
  • Our app can effectively and efficient engage with event goers using push notifications, broadcast messages, reminders and popups to user groups.
  • Our app affords authorised personnel the opportunity to push notifications to distributed, or to specific user groups.
  • Authorised personnal are able to urgently broadcast messages such as “Guest speaker will now talk at 13h00 and not 12h00 as per the programme.”, “Due to the overwhelming response of ticket sales, we have extended the exhibition by another day.”, “Would the owner of car registration XXX please come to the information counter.”, …).
  • Sending out push notifications to app users is speedy and efficient as messages are delivered within seconds.
  • We are able to facilitate engagement and connections through our customised applications.
  • Our event apps are loaded with functionality and features to further enhance event experiences for all.
  • Our team is able to create a single event app or multi-event portal for those businesses who run numerous events.
  • Users can access the application on most mobile devices.
  • The app provides a central point for information to assist those who are lost or are looking for information.
  • The app helps reduce printer and paper costs as floorplans, itineraries, newsletters and special notices can be shared electronically.
  • The allows one to engage with event goers through gamification.

Events are about maximising meetings and networking opportunities. 

  • With our customisable app, we are able to offer advanced event meeting and  networking capabilities, enabling meaningful connections.
  • We can provide event goers and exhibitors with next-gen meeting and networking capability with powerful features such as live delegate lists, chats, meeting requests, activity feeds and gamification.
  • We are able to drive engagement and interactions.
  • Our app has powerful features which encourage more connections and is easy for event goers to manage connections.
  • We provide the ability to perform status updates, likes and comments.
  • Event goers are able to search live delegate lists and reach out real-time.
  • Event goers can easily request, accept or decline meetings.
  • All users are able to have their own personal meeting agenda.
  • Event goers are able to rate, make comments and export meetings.

Learn more about lead capturing within the EVENTS APP?

  • We can provide an intelligent lead generation capability within the customisable app,
with the aim of producing ROI for your EXHIBITORS.
  • The app facilitates collating leads at busy events and qualifying them immediately.
  • Leads can be cultivate using Microsoft Teams.
  • Qualifications can be customised and instantly data exported.

How can our EVENTS APP help with audience participation?

  • Our app is able to enhance your events with live polling, Q&As and discussions.
  • Our app is able to present to big screens, integrate with attendee demographics to extract rich data.
  • The entire session can be controlled through a single, very user-friendly facilitator panel.
  • Audience will be wow’d when you showcase live data to create on-the-fly polling questions.
  • Results of your sessions questions and results can be shown on a big screen with minimal effort.
  • With our live interaction capabilities, results and leading edge technology, we are able to add depth to your conversations creating experiences with event goers will enjoy.

We are able to offer a flexible, powerfulsession tracking solution which can be self-serviced or assisted.

  • We offer leading-edge event session tracking which can be set-up and is fully equipped to deliver instant insights with beautiful automation.
  • We have a simple app download.
  • We offer easy to use point and scan using mobile devices with smart offline capability.
  • Our solution option is easy to set-up for self-service, onsite assisted use, or a flexible combination of both.
  • Our solution worksseamlessly and  efficiently with session registration for session entry rules making it an event organiser’s delight.
  • We can provide real-time event insights by recording attendance and delivering insights across sessions for safety, catering and CPD.

Additional functionality we offer, is our incredible badge builder.

  • Our solution is flexible and adaptable to help organise your content
    any way you require it. A user is able add design and information elements effortlessly.
  • Our solution offers a fully custom event badge building capability.
  • Our sollution can create any badge, to any size, with any profile data – even double sided.
  • With our app, you can create a stylish, dynamic event badges easily and efficiently.
  • Our app is able to generate and deploy QR codes which work across every feature set in a few clicks.
  • Our solutions allows for the use of any data field to create truly customised badges – intuitively, easy and  fast.
  • Through the app you are able to cultivate leads, track scans and gain insights on activity across all feature sets.

We offer an engaging, easy to use interactive floor plan capability:

  • Our solution enables your attendees to easily navigate your event using interactive floor plans, optional wayfinding and navigation nodes for rooms, meetings, points of interest and in-app exhibitor pages.
  • Floor plans have never been so
interactive, engaging and easy to create.
  • Create super helpful, multi-level point to point navigation in a few simple clicks.
  • Event goers are offered comprehensive event navigation to exhibitors, venue rooms and meetings.
  • Interactive floor plans also offer direct links to in-app information and  exhibitor pages.
  • What would a floor plan be if it was not clickable and zoomable enabling attendees to fully explore your event on-screen and plan what they wish to see.
  • To help you create your floor plan, we have a set-up wizard, with themes, to make it all super simple.
  • It is easy to add your own customised maps.
  • Administrators can add multiple maps to accommodate multiple floor levels.
  • Floor plans can include links to exhibitors and points of interests.
  • We can even offer wayfinding to your floorplan to make it easier attendee navigation even easier.

What are some of the functional benefits of the customisable EVENTS APP?

  • Users are able to access the app through multiple platforms including APPLE, ANDROID and MICROSOFT WINDOWS.
  • The app is able to integrate to APPLE MAPS and GOOGLE MAPS.
  • The app allows for the use of QR CODES and SCANNERS.
  • Users can be provided with offline capabilities.
  • The mobile app has the potential to become your single point of information and can re-direct event goers to other applications from the app or to sponsor sites.
  • The app allows you to display application icons, within the application, according to the user type.
  • Marketing teams are happy with how the app can be customised to incorporate branding unique to each event.
  • Navigation menus within the app can be customised to meet your requirements.
  • From within the app, one can link to anything via a URL (website link), such as GOOGLE FORMS, SHARED CALENDARS, FACEBOOK LINKS, YOUTUBE LINKS. There is no end to what you can achieve.

What skills are required to use or administer content on the EVENTS APP?

  • We believe that any person who is able to utilise a smartphone, will be able to make use of our app.
  • Due to to the easy and intuitive nature of the app, limited knowledge is required to utilise the app.
  • You do not require any advanced user computer skills to update information or content for your community.
  • You can assign users different levels of access, for information management and control purposes.

To download our brochure, click on the attached link.

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