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Why download the My School App?

  • The MY SCHOOL APP brings the convenience, and security of integrating with your school via your smartphone.
  • To begin the journey, you will need to download the App from the relevant App store.


How to download the Octiv App?

  • One way is to look for the OCTIV APP on the App store relevant to your device.
  • If you have an ANDROID phone, you can access the Google Play Store (Android) on your phone. You can then search for the “Octiv” App by also looking for the official Octiv logo above.
  • If you have an APPLE phone, you can access the Apple App Store (iOS) on your phone. You can then search for the “Octiv” App, by also looking for the  official Octiv logo above.
  • Once you have located the App on either your ANDROID or APPLE phone, you can download and install the App by clicking on the appropriate download or install button. (The download size is relatively small, and the process should be quick depending on your internet speed.)
  • Alternatively, you can click on the links below: